A Note 4 You 2022

Thank you 4 visiting Kozy Streetwear.

i am now twenty and kozy has turned two it feels so real to be surrounded by, the birds that fly, over the kozy street a jillion times maybe to bless us but definitely to hear these rhymes. i dedicate these times to the ones who never smiled through exhaustion and pain just to feel it all again. i lift up their voices and command to sing again. the joyful song we all once knew, how the moon would turn so blue. 4 me 4 us 4 love and trust. finding the love all b4 it turns to dust. from dusk till dawn, we'll sing this song and cater all grace to you! KOZY means the P4CK to me, and i love them to the moon + back.




i wrote this when i was 17

This is a new journey 4 me and I'm blessed you're a part of it.

To be KOZY to me is to be mentally, physically, and spiritually intact with your highest, and finest self. KOZY is something nobody can take from you, me, us. What does KOZY mean to you?

 I hope you enjoy the content that I have created thus far, 

there is always more coming soon. 





- Yours Truly KOZYK4Y